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If you own HP printer and want to convert to sublimation, In this article I will guide you how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer. Sublimation printing is a type of printing which is extremely popular for the transfer of any design or image onto fabric or any other objects. This method uses the pressure and heat to effectively transfer the design onto the fabric. There are specific sublimation printers available specifically for this use, but it’s also possible to use one of the more popular kinds of printers.

5 Steps: How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation

Step 1

What you require is the fresh HP inkjet printer that can change into a refillable cartridge sublimation inks, an injection needle and syringe, as well as gloves made of plastic.

Step 2

The first thing you should do before you convert your HP Printer to Sublimation to verify that the printer functions in a proper manner. Verify the efficiency of the nozzle by performing tests on a blank sheet paper. Check that the printed images are clear and vivid.

Step 3. 

Put on the gloves to protect yourself from the needle and syringe, place the sublimation ink in cartridges that refill, making sure to follow the refilling instructions of the cartridge manufacturer.

Step 4. 

Take out the cartridges from your printer. Replace them with cartridges that contain sublimation ink. Place the cartridges that came with them in a secure place since you may need them at some point.

Step 5

Get rid of the previous ink from the printer by following the cleaning guidelines from your printer’s instruction manual. Five cleanings are enough to remove all old ink, and then be ready to print using the sublimation ink. Check the nozzle again to check they are straight or not.


Can I Use My HP Printer for Sublimation?

If you just bought the printer, or you’ve already been using it for a long time, you can’t immediately apply it to sublimation. You can transform it to a sublimation printer, but there are some important and precise steps you should take to ensure that everything is in order.

What to Do after Converting the Printer?

Once you’ve completed the conversion process for your HP printer, now there are few things you need to accomplish before you can utilize it to print sublimation.

1. Run Print Head Cleanings and a Nozzle Check

If you’ve completed the five print head cleanings, now perform the various nozzles check until the printed lines appear straight and not broken. If you’ve already made multiple passes and haven’t seen any satisfactory results, it is recommended to allow the printer to rest for several hours to ensure that the print head is not damaged.

2. Acknowledge Prompts

When you have completed the conversion, now screen will display advising that you’ve installed third party cartridges. another screen will inform the user that their warranty has been declared null and void. Select OK on both prompts.

3. Troubleshooting and Testing Printing

Some printer conversions may not be smooth. The printer won’t recognize the new cartridges that use sublimation ink when you convert HP printer to sublimation. It is necessary to remove the cartridges for 10 minutes, then restart the process once more. After everything is installed, you are able to try a test print on the paper using sublimation and then test how the prints are done.


As you can see, the procedure how to convert HP printer to sublimation printer isn’t difficult. You will require patience as it may not always work initially. Before you begin the process, it’s essential to ensure whether the printer compatible for sublimation printer.

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